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Interactive board accessories: Anti-thief Security Cover Covers Display panel during inactive period Up-down based panel on-off system Commercial grade electronic control based automatic on-off control and management Hardware level protection Authentication based access system Alarm system for intruder and thief 2-in-1: Works as whiteboard during panel covering


  • Brand: SST
  • Model Series: Cyber Cover G1RF1W
  • Supported Panel Size: 55/75/86/98/110 inch
  • Processor: Commercial Grade ARM Cortex / AVR
  • Maximum defection rate: 5mm (under 20kg thrust load)
  • Hardware: Commercial grader motor with motor control hardware

0BDT ৳ 

  • Feature: Remote based motorized cover on-off system, RF based remote control system, IoT enabled system interface, Cover on-off indicator


  • Security Feature:
  • Authentication based cover on-off system (Password or bio-metric or secure remote based system) ,
  • Alarm for intrusion, attempt to break cover, misplacement of display/ interactive panel/ board,
  • Android App based monitoring and alarming system,
  • Optional multi-layer authentication system(requires corresponding devices),
  • Optional intruder picture and video capture support (requires dedicated camera)


  • Multi-functionality: Can be used as a whiteboard when cover is off.


  • Dimension: Customizable based on panel size


  • Weight: 20kg (Approximately depends on size)
  • Compatibility and supported panel: Sony, Hitachi, BenQ, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba ( Supported Panel size: 45-140 inch)


  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Services: Free installation



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